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5 Guaranteed Ways to End Up Alone

oplDo you want to have a girlfriend or do you want to end up alone?

Do you want to have an amazing girl in your life with whom you have the most amazing time of your life inside and outside of the bedroom or do you want to continue jerking off to porn?

Good question, right?

In case you have no interest in ever being able to maintain a healthy relationship with a gorgeous woman, you can do a few things in order to make this happen. Unfortunately, there are so many men out there who do exactly the things that I am going to list in the following lines, even though they want to achieve the opposite goal.

They want to have healthy relationships, they want to have a girl in their life with whom they can have sex with every night and they want to become men who are able to keep amazing women in their life.

However, they will never be able to have such a relationship because they are doing the following things. In case you ever want to have a relationship with a woman who is not depressive and insecure you have to stop doing those things once and for all.

  1. Judge Her

Judging women is a very popular concept and at the same time it is one of the surest ways to get rid of every girl.

Do you judge women who live out their sexuality?

Do you judge women who dress in a sexy way?

Do you judge women who tell you that they had past lovers?

If you do this you don’t have to wonder why every one of your girlfriends goes on the run sooner or later. Women know that they can never live out their sexuality with a man who judges them for it.

If you behave like that they instinctively know that they won’t have a chance on happiness and satisfaction if they decide to stay with you. As a result of this they will leave you faster than you can turn your head around.

  1. Be Jealous

One of the fastest ways to get rid of a woman is by being a jealous piece of shit, or should I better say a jealous insecure pussy? Please excuse my explicit way of expressing myself but I just can’t say it in another way.

Jealousy is always a product of insecurity and a low self-esteem. Yes, Hollywood movies romanticize the concept of jealousy and try to put it on a level with love but that doesn’t automatically mean that this is true.

Jealousy has nothing to do with love. It is nothing but an insecurity-based way of acting and at the same time it is the fastest way to get rid of a woman.

  1. Fulfill Her Every Wish

Treat her like a princess, fulfill her every wish and spend all your money on her. That’s the fastest way to get her into bed, right? Well, if you believe our advertising industry, the movie industry and the most popular songs you should do exactly that.

However, if you want to end up in a healthy relationship you should stop believing in this fairytale. The only girls you attract with this mindset are gold diggers who want nothing but your money.

If you want those girls, go for it but if you want a healthy relationship you should stop fulfilling her every wish and start to think about how you can become the guy who is all she could ever wish for.

  1. Believe in Equality in the Bedroom

Equality of men and women is fine and dandy but if you don’t leave equality out of your bedroom you will soon end up alone and miserable, while you are asking yourself why she hopped in bed with this rude bad boy.

Women want to have equal rights and they also want to be treated with respect in public. You should definitely do that and respecting women is one of the most important values that you can have. However, if you are not willing to forget those values in the bedroom and to fuck her brains out she will soon be very frustrated.

Women want to be a reputable member of society in public but at the same time they want to be your slut in the bedroom. This is completely normal and should be embraced instead of condemned. Be a man who is willing to live out his male energy and the woman you are with will allow herself to live out her female energy.

  1. Live For Her

Do you have any goals in life?

Do you have something you live for and something you would die for?

A man who has no goals, no vision and absolutely no ambition will NEVER be able to attract an amazing woman into his life.

If you belong to the group of guys who stop pursuing their goals as soon as a hot woman steps into their life she will run away from you. If you are a guy who becomes lazy and who only lives for her you are on the fastest road to loneliness.

Be ambitious, have goals and have a vision. Then amazing women will not only step into your life, they will also want to STAY there.

– Sebastian Harris

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