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5 Characteristics Women Want in a Man

rtHave you ever heard this stupid saying that all women love assholes?

Believe me, if you meet a self-confident and happy woman, the last thing she wants is to spend her time with an abusive asshole that treats her like shit.

I admit that there are some women out there who fall for type of guys, who you can describe as degenerated assholes, but those women are usually very self-destructive, fake and self-confidence is a foreign word for them. If you are interested in those girls you can treat them like shit but please don’t complain afterwards that you are unhappy in your relationships.

I can’t deny that some characteristics of an asshole, such as the ability to lead, are very attractive but all in all women are attracted to a lot of other characteristics that have nothing in common with the typical asshole guy that you know from the movies.

There are certain characteristics that you should have in order to attract emotionally healthy and physically beautiful women into your life. Some of the characteristics that I am going to talk about might sound counterintuitive, but all of them are necessary if you want to become a successful seducer.

  1. Vulnerability

Are you a vulnerable man?

Of course you are. Every man, as strong as he might be, has some bad days. Every man comes to a point at which he is faced with a situation in which he is vulnerable. As long as we are no cyborgs or robots we have emotions and therefore we also have to deal with our vulnerability.

Even though every man has a vulnerable side, only a few men are confident with expressing this side to the women they are interacting with. There are way too many men out there who pretend to be emotionless or invulnerable because they think that women want strong men who don’t show their emotions.


Women want emotionally strong men who are strong enough to deal with their emotions and to show them. What they don’t want are guys who are too afraid of their emotions and who rather ignore them instead of facing them.

Show the women in your life that you have a vulnerable side and be honest and authentic with them. This will allow them to also open up and to show you their vulnerable and authentic side. That’s all you need as a foundation for a healthy relationship.

  1. Emotional Strength

Women want strong men. Even though this is true a lot of men totally misinterpret this concept. A lot of guys think that a strong man has to be physically strong and has to be able to protect women from physical dangers.

Even though it is beneficial if you have a few muscles, the truth is that women are way more attracted to emotionally strong men than they are to physically strong men. The reason for that is that an emotionally strong guy communicates a lot through his behavior.

If you are such a guy you act very calm and relaxed in situations in which a woman might freak out. In addition to that, she knows that you don’t puss out if you are faced with a tough situation.

When she thinks about a physically strong man she might assume that he can lift her up but she doesn’t know whether or not he is able to support her on an emotional level when her world is crashing down.

  1. The Ability to Listen

I know you want to make a good first impression when you are on a date with a woman. I also know that you want to tell her as much about you as you possibly can in order to persuade her from banging you instead of rejecting you.

That’s all fine and dandy but please don’t think that you have such a beautiful voice that every woman wants to listen to it for hours. Of course a woman wants to get to know you when she goes on a date with you but she also wants to get the impression that you want to get to know her.

A man who only talks about himself doesn’t communicate to a woman that he is interested in getting to know her. If you do that she knows that you are good in self-marketing but she doesn’t know why the hell you went on a date with her.

Ask her questions, talk about her passion and find out as much as you can about her. Only then will a woman feel the appreciation that she wants to feel and only then will she feel that you are not only interested in her sexy body but also her interesting opinions. This by implications, increases the chance to get to her sexy body.

  1. The Willingness to Lead

Why do you think that women are attracted to men in leadership positions?

Even though there are some gold diggers out there the number one reason is NOT the money. Women are instinctively attracted to men who are good leaders and who are willing to lead them.

I know that the media tries to convince you from the lie that all women want to work in leadership positions and that women dream about being leaders. The opposite is true.

In the same way as the female body language is passive and the male body language should be active, a woman wants to passively follow a man’s lead. Women love to follow a man who leads them in a way that is beneficial for them.

Women hate nothing more than being forced to take over the leadership role in a relationship. The only time they do this is when their boyfriend is too weak to lead them. In this case the relationship is as good as dead.

  1. Confident Affection

Even though it is true that you should be an emotionally strong man and you should be willing to lead the girls you want to seduce, you also have to show the women in your life that you appreciate them. Women not only want to think that you are interested in them but they also want to know it by hearing it from you.

Why do you think a girl gets red and smiles as soon as you approach her with a direct compliment?

Women absolutely love when a man they are attracted to shows their affection. Don’t be shy and don’t think that you are weak when you tell a girl how amazing she looks.

Tell her that she looks great in her red dress, kiss her and experience the power that a simple sign of affection can have.

Until next time,

– Sebastian Harris

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