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4 Tips to Help You Work Out Better At the Gym

5 tipsMany times guys struggle mightily trying to have a great workout at the gym.

Sometimes it could be stress from work, sometimes you’re just not feeling so great, sometimes you just feel weak and not energized.

However, that being said… There are a few KEY tips that you can implement that will immediately allow you to have better work outs at the gym…

…And in this post I am going to reveal ALL of them to you.

How to Have Better Work Outs At the Gym Tip #1: Visualize Yourself Lifting Heavy Weights Using Perfect Form

I’ve said a million times on this blog already that visualization is the key to achieving lots of success in life.

What you want to do is try to visualize yourself lifting heavy weights and having an awesome, great, and kick-ass workout before you actually leave your house in order to go to the gym in the first place.

You want to visualize yourself performing rep after rep, getting more stronger and stronger with each lift after every set, and building the body of your dreams.

You want to see yourself in the future and see that you did manage to attain all of your fitness goals.

You was able to develop that six-pack. You did manage to build yourself a very thick and muscular upper back. You did manage to improve your cardio and conditioning and take your fitness to the next level.

What the mind sees the body can achieve, so begin to focus on visualizing how you want yourself to look in a few more years (or perhaps visualize how you want yourself to look a few months from now) and then TAKE ACTION…

… and complete the necessary steps required in order to go about building the body that you desire and aspire to have.

How to Have Better Work Outs At the Gym Tip #2: Have Your Music Playlist Already Set-Up Before You Get to the Gym 

One easy way to waste a LOT of time at the gym is to spend MINUTES searching for the perfect song to work out to.

Doing this can cause you to very easily waste a lot of precious time in the gym.

Instead of you being in the gym lifting weights and getting stronger, you are now in the gym wasting very precious and valuable time trying to find the perfect song to work out to.

My advice is for you to set-up your music song playlist BEFORE you get to the gym and preferably, before you even leave the house.

This way, once you are in the gym trying to get your work out on, you will have ZERO distractions or disruptions.

Your only goal is to get to the gym and kill it, not to play around or waste any precious, valuable time.

How to Have Better Work Outs At the Gym Tip #3: Quit Socializing and Trying to Pick Up Girls At the Gym

I know, I know… there are a lot of very beautiful women at the gym and they all look so AMAZING.

That’s all great and all but ask yourself this ONE question: Why are you in the gym in the first place?

That’s right, to work out, build some muscle, and get into top-notch shape. NOT to flirt with women.

This is what I discussed in my most recent post about goal setting. You should ALWAYS have crystal clear goals and objectives that you want to accomplish and achieve. Nothing vague or ambiguous.

What is your true goal that you want to accomplish by consistently going to the gym?

To put on 15 pounds of muscle? to shed 20 pounds of fat? To improve your agility and footwork speed?

Whatever your specific goal for the gym is, figure it out and then put some plans into motion to help you accomplish that goal and see it through.

Do not go to the gym to socialize or shoot the breeze. Do not go to the gym to wink at every woman that happens to pass you by. Do not go to the gym to try to make friends and become a more sociable and friendly guy.

Go to the gym to lift some fucking weights. That’s it.

How to Have Better Work Outs At the Gym Tip #4: Every Night Try to Always Get At Least 7 Hours of Sleep 

Contrary to popular opinion, muscle building actually occurs while you are sleeping. That is a fitness and bodybuilding FACT.

Your muscles actually grow the most during your off-days, not on the days that you work out.

Lifting weights provides your body with the stimulation that it NEEDS in order to grow. From there, your dietary nutrition and meals is what helps your body to grow the most quickest and fastest.

This is why so many professional bodybuilders will routinely recommend that you work out 1 day and then take the next day off and then work out again the day after that,etc.

This allows you to work out and push your body to it’s limits and stimulate growth while at the same time giving your body the much needed rest that it requires in order to grow and become stronger.

Which is why getting adequate and proper amounts of sleep every night (at least 7 hours) is SO very important. If your body does not properly rest, then it will fail to properly grow.

So yeah… go to the gym to attack your body and stimulate your muscles, but then… give your body the proper rest that it needs in order to grow and get stronger.

Start NOW… Do NOT Delay Another Minute

If you have been considering and thinking about joining a gym and working out, then NOW is the perfect time to start. 

Not next year, not next week, not even tomorrow. In fact, there will never be a more perfect time for you to get started lifting some weights than RIGHT NOW this very moment.

Motivation is a very powerful tool and once you can use it to begin TAKING ACTION to improve and better your life, powerful positive things in your life will begin to happen.

Even if you are currently unable to join a gym, go home tonight and do 5 sets of push-ups and setups. Jog for a mile run across your block if you have to.

Realize that improving your body is the single, greatest investment you can EVER make for yourself. 

Whether things are going good OR bad in your life, your body will always be there to follow you around so why not transform yourself into the best, most powerful version that you can be?

Do you want to look in the mirror 5 years from now and see your same old lame self in the same old shape? 

Still fat and overweight? 

Still chubby and unable to properly run or walk straight? 

Still as skinny as a twig and unable to lift your own body weight?

NOW is the perfect time to get started working out and joining a gym.

And trust me… after you finish working out, you will just FEEL so much better about yourself afterwards.

– Malcolm Thomas

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