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4 More Reasons Why the Pick Up Artist Community SUCKS

fg I ve already written about why I hate pick up artists.

I ve already explained to you how pick up artists love to overcomplicate the entire seduction and attraction process and lead innocent men astray.

But a few readers have written in asking me exactly why I hate the pick up artist community so much.

This article is written to answer all of those questions and explain to you explicitly, clearly, and precisely exactly why the pick up artist community SUCKS.

The Pick Up Artist Community Instructs Men to Try to Win Girls Over

If there is one thing that I absolutely HATE and cannot stand about the pick up artist community is their attempts to try and teach men to try and win girls over.

Newsflash: a girl is either attracted to you or she isn’t. No amount of routine stacking, peacocking, etc will change her mind.

It takes a girl approximately 3 seconds to figure out whether or not she is attracted to you.

And here s a little hint: The words that you say to a girl means NOTHING!

That’s right, what you say to a girl doesn’t matter and has absolutely NO bearing on whether or not she becomes attracted to you.

What DOES actually matter when you start a conversation with a new girl?

Your body language, the vibe that you convey and project, how you walk, the way that you talk, your ability to  touch women and turn them on, etc.

These are the things that makes an actual difference when you interact with a new woman.

What you say to a girl doesn’t matter. How you behave does.

This is why trying to win ONE girl over is pointless and essentially, a complete waste of your time. Why try to date and sleep with only ONE girl when you can instead pursue and try to date and sleep with TEN different girls.

Why not have an abundance mentality instead of having a very limited scarcity mentality. Why chase a girl when you can instead very easily replace her.

The pick up artist community ignores all of these details and instead advises men to keep obsessing over that one special girl because with the right pick up line and the right indirect opener you will eventually be able to win her over.

In essence, it is the blind leading the blind. The uneducated teaching the less educated. And it does NOT work.

The Pick Up Artist Community Advises Men to Neglect Improving Their Lifestyle

The pick up artist community is against men improving their lifestyles. In reality, the Pick Up Artist Community is not for self-improvement for men, it is actually against self-improvement for men.

What do most Pick Up Artist Coaches advise their students to do?

They advise their students to go “sarging”. In other words, they advise men to spend their entire afternoons hitting on random chicks, reciting a hundred different pick up lines, and seeing what sticks.

Pick Up Artists don’t advise men to actually improve themselves and learn how to make money.

Pick Up Artists don’t advise men to lift weights and actually build some muscle.

And you will NEVER see a Pick Up Artist teach men how to be fearless  and embrace rejection instead of running away from it.

The Pick Up Artist Community advises men to ignore approach and body language signals, and instead just run some routine game on 60 different women and see what sticks. A real efficient strategy that is.

Self-improvement should be at the top of EVERY man s priority list. Improving yourself first is how you truly attract girls.

Don’t chase women, let women chase YOU.

The Pick Up Artist Community Causes Men to Become Needy and Desperate

Spend only a week in the Pick Up Artist Community and all that you will hear is tips on How to Overcome Last Minute Resistance, tips on How to Kiss a Girl, tips on What to Do When a Girl Doesn’t Text You Back, etc.

Now these are all very good and important things to learn and master but it is NOT necessary to overcomplicate the process the same way the Pick Up Artist Community does.

If you have to go through all sorts of complicated steps and resistance in order to have sex with a new girl or text a girl, then guess what?

She doesn’t REALLY like you (or she is just not as interested in YOU as you are in HER)

Never become needy and desperate around women. It’s a killer of the mind, body, and spirit.

All women are replaceable and if a girl is giving you TOO MUCH resistance, simply let her go and go find ANOTHER girl to have sex with.

The Pick Up Artist Community Places Too Much Emphasis On What to Say Instead Of What to Actually Do

Listen to me very clearly: What you say to a girl means NOTHING!

There I said it. The elephant in the room has been exposed. Do you think a guy like George Clooney tries to memorize a bunch of pick up lines before he goes to a party to flirt with women.

What about Brad Pitt?

You think that Brad Pitt spends his Saturday mornings coming up with some awesome routine stacks to use on women.

Of course not! These guys are attractive to women not cause of the things they say but because of the things they do.

In other words, how they come across. How they make girls feel when they are in their presence.

In essence, these men make women feel special. Pick Up Artists don’t make women feel special. On the contrary pick up artists make girls feel like some used up slut who they are reciting pick up lines to.

The Pick Up Artist Community SUCKS (and Always Will)

The Pick Up Artist Community SUCKS and it always will.

The Pick Up Artist Community doesn’t make you better with women. It makes you worse.

Stop trying to be a Pick Up Artist, stop hanging around Pick Up Artists, stop associating yourself with Pick Up Artists and you will find more success in the future.

The Pick Up Artist Community SUCKS and it ALWAYS will.

– Malcolm Thomas

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