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3 Situations in Which You Shouldn’t Approach a Girl

shouldntThe number one thing that every man has to learn when he wants to become good with women is how to walk up to a girl WITHOUT getting a heart attack.

A guy who suffers from a severe form of approach anxiety, that he is not willing to overcome, will NEVER become a successful seducer.

Before you can date and have sex with girls you have to get in contact with them and besides hiding behind an online dating profile with a fake picture, the only way to get in contact with women is by approaching them.

It took me a dozen of approaches until I had my first date with a woman and it took a LOT more until I finally got laid because of a phone number I got on the street.

In the same way as I learned that there are women you should approach, there are ALSO situations in which you shouldn’t approach.

Of course the skills to approach a woman in the right way are absolutely essential but without the necessary understanding of social situations you might maneuver yourself in a few unpleasant situations.

Approach the ones who are approachable and think twice before you overreact in inappropriate situations.

That Guy Looks Like Her Boyfriend

A lot of my fellow dating bloggers claim that you should approach a woman in ANY situation, no matter whom she is with. They want to sell you the idea that they can have EVERY woman, even if she just holds the hand of her boyfriend.

Don’t be stupid and believe that shit. It is true that you can seduce a woman who has a boyfriend (if you should do that is another topic) but the only thing you will get when you approach a girl right next to her boyfriend is an unnecessary argument OR a black eye.

If you see a woman who talks with a man and they are not holding hands, they don’t touch each other and they don’t kiss each other you can try to approach her. In this case she probably walks around with a guy-friend.

If she, however, walks hand in hand with a pit bull who looks like he has served a few years in Iraq, you should think twice before you end up doing something stupid.

Your Buddy Just Approached Her

About one year ago I regularly met up with a friend in order to approach women. We both went out with the mission to get dates with beautiful girls and to destroy our fears. One exercise we did was to approach a woman who has just been approached by one of us.

This was great to destroy our fears, because we experienced some really awkward situations, but none of those approaches led to a date. Unfortunately, I recently read on some pick up forum that a few guys claim to get girls this way.

Sorry, but before I don’t see this in practice I won’t believe it. A girl who has been approached by another guy a few seconds earlier immediately knows that you are just making fun and that she can’t take your approach serious.

You can do stuff like that in order to overcome your fear but please don’t be so naïve and think you will find your future girlfriend this way.

Too Much Social Pressure

Too much social pressure is not good when you want to approach women.

No, I don’t talk about the social pressure that you are exposed to. You are an aspiring seducer and as a seducer you will have to deal with a lot of social pressure, at least when you want to become successful.

It will only become problematic if the girl you are approaching is exposed to a lot of social pressure. You might not care about what other people think of you but SHE probably does.

Telling a girl in your college class that she is extremely sexy, while her professor and ten fellow students are next to you is not the best situation for an approach. Wait until she leaves the classroom and you can approach her without exposing her to social pressure.

– Sebastian Harris

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