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3 Reasons Why I Hate Pick Up Artists

hate pick up artistsTell me if you can relate to this…

You’re a guy who has spent most of his life struggling with women. 

You don’t know how to kiss or make out with a girl, you don’t know how to talk to girls in a way that captures their interest and makes them want to get to know you, and you certainly don’t know the right text messages to send to girls to get them out on dates with you.

In other words, you don’t know or understand women AT ALL. You think women are strange and illogical creatures who do not make no sense at all, and you do not understand why the girls who you like always goes with the “Bad Boys” and not with the “Nice Guys”.

So you decide to take action, figure out and “fix” the woman side of your life. You go on the Internet, do a little researching, and one thing leads to another and you eventually come across the Pick Up Artists Community.

And this being your first time reading and learning about the Seduction Community you are excited that you have finally found the answer to the “girl problems” of your life. You spend all night on the computer and you read and learn about “Pick-Up Lines”, “Negs”, “Qualification”, “Opinion Openers”, etc.

But that’s not all, you also read and learn about “Routine Stacks”, “Boyfriend Destroyers”, “Palm Reading”, and even “Magic Tricks”.

You are now smiling because you have now discovered all of the information you need in order to attract women into your life. With so much information to read and “memorize” you are excited and can’t wait to go to the clubs to try out your new found “tactics” and “techniques”.

There is NO WAY that you can fail or that anything can go wrong because “that’s what the Pick Up Artists Guru told you”. And that’s not all that the Pick Up Artists have told or promised you…

The Pick Up Artists also promised you that:

  •     You will NEVER get or face “rejection” again after learning these tactics
  •     These openers work on ANY girl 100% of the time
  •     You can “pretend” to be disinterested and still get the girl
  •     “Peacocking” and wearing special clothing will definitely attract women to you
  •     100 more promises and guarantees that require NO work or effort but produce results

And then you went out on a Friday or Saturday night and actually tried these Pick Up Artists techniques and tactics and what happened was…

Women actually rejected you and began laughing and making fun of you because your “Pick Up Lines and Routines” didn’t work. 

    The girls could see the unconfident, low self-esteem individual underneath all of that Phony Pick Up Artists facade and “magic tricks”.

    The girls could see the fearful individual who was willing to lie, make-up fake stories, and NOT be himself just to get a girl to sleep with him. 

    And the girls could see that this guy was unable to hold a natural and interesting conversation with a girl without relying on “Pick Up Lines” and “Routine Stacks”.

And eventually YOU saw it too and realized what it really meant to be a Pick Up Artist. You eventually realized that being forced to lie, cheat, and not be true to yourself wasn’t something you wanted to do just to date or sleep with a girl.

And you eventually realized that the guys “claiming” to be “Pick Up Artists” weren’t actually getting laid but was instead busy spewing out mental masturbation on the internet.

It appears being a “Pick Up Artist” wasn’t as great as it was claimed to be and that learning Pick Up Artist Material didn’t cause you to become better with women, it only caused you to become worse.

This all sounds familiar to so many men because it’s what almost every guy I know went through including myself. In fact, most of the guys I know who is a part of the Pick Up Artist Community are far worse with women than the guys I know who have never even heard of the Pick Up Artist Community.

In this article you will learn why being a Pick Up Artist is NOT what it’s claimed to be, how becoming a Pick Up Artist can damage your love and sex life, and why learning and implementing Pick Up Artist tactics will leave you feeling lonely and bitter inside.

So without further ado, here are the 3 reasons why Ihate Pick Up Artists…

#1: Pick Up Artists teach and encourage men to lie, cheat, deceive, and mislead women

If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than anything else, it is men who lie to women. This is deceitful and wrong on so many different levels. First of all, lying shows women that you have very bad character which is NOT attractive at all. 

Lying shows that you have no values or principles and will do anything just to get ahead in life. Misleading women shows how weak you are because a man who is a true “Alpha Male” doesn’t have to lie to women in order to get them to date or sleep with him. A Real “Alpha Male” can simply be himself and do what he wants while being honest and STILL sleep with girls.

Truth: If I have to lie in order to get a woman into bed with me, I’d rather not sleep with her at all. That may sound crazy to some men, but I’d value being a man with character and integrity over getting laid any day of the week.

And you know what the ironic part about that all is?

The guys who lie don’t usually get laid and the guys who don’t lie and are instead direct, upfront, and straightforward with women usually do get laid. 

How funny that end’s up working, isn’t it?

The guys who try to deceive, mislead, and lie to women end up shooting themselves in the foot with the women who would have slept and went to bed with them had they just not lied. Don’t ever believe the (false) idea that you need to lie in order to attract beautiful women.

#2: What Pick Up Artists Teach Harm Men More Than It Helps Men

Most of the stuff you learn from the Pick Up Artist Community is more destructive than it is helpful. I mean, really think about it.

It advises men to brag and “Neg” women (which basically means insult women). It teaches men that you need to do or say a “certain” thing in order to attract women. It advises men to pretend to be disinterested in a woman when really you are interested in that girl. 

The Pick Up Artist Community basically forces men to give up their morals and it gives men the (false) idea that the “end justifies the mean”.

I can tell you from personal experience that most of the men who was apart of the Pick Up Artist Community ended up more afraid of approaching women after joining the Pick Up Artist Community than before.

These Pick Up Artists simply became weird and way too mechanical whenever they interacted with a girl (probably due to them having to memorize so many different lines).

When you’re interacting with a woman, you don’t want to be “too much inside your head” and thinking about what you’re going to say next instead of properly listening to what the woman is saying.

When you talk to women, you want to “natural” and “in the moment” and REALLY listen to what a girl is telling you. Doing so will allow you to relate and share some of your own experiences back to her, ask her compelling and intriguing follow up questions, and stir the conversation in the direction that YOU want it to go.

Asking a girl “Who lies more?” is not being genuine and really getting to know a girl.

Which brings me to my final point…

#3: Pick Up Artists give men advice which is based on “Theory” instead of advice that is based on “Real World Experience”.

The simple fact of the matter is, most of the advice that Pick Up Artists give you is NOT advice that they have personally tested, rather it is advice that the Pick Up Artists believes ought to work.

And that’s one of the most dangerous pieces of advice that you can ever receive, advice that a person believes ought to work or should work.

All of the advice that you read on this site, is stuff that I have personally tested, religiously and extensively.

Fact is, most of the advice that you hear Pick Up Artists dishing out is not advice that they have tested or most of the time have even tried.

It is simply some advice that they have heard from some other Pick Up Artist and they assumed that it worked.

Being a Pick Up Artist is not as great as it sounds and in fact, it’s a horrible thing to want to be.

Stop Being A Pick Up Artist And Simply Become A Man Who Is Good With Women

When you stop trying to be a Pick Up Artist and instead seek to become a man who is simply good with women, magical things start to happen…

  • You refrain yourself from using cheesy Pick Up Lines that you’ve heard from some other site, and instead you open women direct and instantly build attraction.
  • You stop yourself from fearing and trying to pass women’s tests, and instead you pass women’s tests without even realizing it was a test and you amaze women and get them invested in you.
  • And when you stop trying to be a Pick Up Artist you begin attracting, dating, and sleeping with REAL girls.

If you’ve been apart of the Pick Up Artist Community, now is the time to get away and begin creating and building a life that you are actually proud of…

A life where women are an abundance and you do not lack options but have many options…

A life where you are able to build REAL genuine connections with the girls you meet and get them chasing you…

Stop being a Pick Up Artist or even listening to guys who call themselves Pick Up Artists…

Because the real KEY to success with women is being natural and staying true to yourself.

-Malcolm Thomas

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