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3 Cheers for the “C-Words”

cheersNo, c**t is not one of the words. How do you expect to get laid with a mind like that? Ya filthy animal.

The two “C-words” I am referring to, the two words to open up a world of dating you never thought possible; confidence and comfortable.

Women have a million plus topics swirling around in their heads at any given time. As a man, we can take minimal steps to ease their thought process for the immediate future and peak a women’s attraction. 

Much of my success can be attributed to a thriving level of confidence and an immediate build of comfort. For my friends who need these ideas punched a little deeper into their head, check out my brief breakdown below:


If you have reached this article, you have heard that confidence is the sexiest thing a man can possess, or something to that degree. You have heard this line time and time again because it is true.

There are no corners, mirrors, tricks or voodoo behind this bit. When you gain unshakable confidence, you gain the world.

When I hit the point that I truly became confident in all of my actions and beliefs, I not only saw but felt my world change. People looked at me differently, approached me differently and interacted with me differently.

I could sense the attraction from gorgeous women from the get go and could not talk to her fast enough. All of my hesitation and over-thinking fell by the waist side because I hit a point where I did not give a fuck what anyone thought of me.

This was not a mindset of “what do I have to lose?” This was a blast of reality that screamed, “look what you have to gain!”

It is a miracle that you are exactly who you are at this exact point. When we stop allowing the judgments of random people to affect us, we break barriers that others have suffocated behind for a lifetime. You can over think every move you make or you can shut the fuck up, make a move and grow


When you have the ultimate confidence in yourself, you begin to feel comfortable in everything you do. You stop second guessing yourself and understand you can thrive in all situations, good and bad.

My favorite tactic is to address women like they were a woman I had previously dated. I use nicknames, I am very sexually forward but only to the point that they understand I have intentions of sleeping with them.

Our first date is a passionate hug and kiss on the cheek at a minimum. There is hand holding and other low risk touching.

At this point, you begin to make yourself feel comfortable and can gauge your next advances based on how she accepts these low risk moves. Honestly, these are not even “moves,” guys. These are things boss ass dudes do when they are out with women they are physically interested in.

When you feel awkward, she is reading your vibe and feeling every bit as awkward as you.

Does it feel right to hold her hand?

You already thought about it too much, you have a set of balls, do it. You cannot make a mistake. If she is not feeling it then tone it back a moment. When you are comfortable, she is comfortable. When you hesitate, she begins to feel that awkwardness and questions the moves gentleman.

Confidence + Comfort = Massive Attraction 

When it comes down to it, you cannot make a mistake.

Confidence and building comfort get your motive out there from the get-go and build a wall between you and the “friend zone.

There will be so much sexual tension built up that your girl will explode.

– Playboi

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